Company Mission: Our mission is to provide Great Service, to Happy Customers, resulting in Full Buildings, staffed by Passionate Team Members.

Who we are: Spartan Logistics is a regional provider of world-class thirdparty logistics services. Our locations are within 1 day's delivery to 2/3 ofthe population and manufacturing capacity of the US. Spartan Logistics is expanding its footprint within our company.

You: The Janitorial / Light Maintenance role contributes to the success of the company by following a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of responsibilities to ensure the building is maintained, organized and clean. The team member in this role supports our vision by being dedicated and committed to versatility and excellence in repairs and maintenance activities.

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

· Refills kitchen supplies including paper towels, soap, utensils, disposable plates and other items

· Maintains and cleans all bathroom toilets, sinks, and floors by scrubbing with cleaning solution and water

· Maintains and cleans the lunchroom, kitchens, meeting areas, and offices

· Disinfects desks,door knobs, door handles, and telephones throughout the offices

· Refills bathroom supplies including tissue paper, paper towels, and hand soap

· Maintains and cleans all appliances including refrigerators, coffee machines, microwaves, toasters, and     drinking fountains

· Empties receptacles throughout the building, dispose of trash and change bags

· Sweeps and mops interior floors daily

· Keeps entryways,hallways, and grounds neat and free of debris

· Spot cleans and wipes all walls, cabinets, and door frames to remove stains

· Maintains all areas by cleaning and dusting all fixtures and polishes furniture with mineral oil or pledge

· Maintains the organization of storage space and utility closet

· Informs Operations Team Leader on any maintenance or safety needs, such as non-working lights, A/C,     leaking faucets

· Clears out and cleans the fridge weekly

· Replaces the AC filters and adds chlorine to the water reservoir monthly

· Light Maintenance duties, as needed

 Required Qualifications:

· Communicate with clarity verbally

· Follows direction and works under pressure to meet deadlines
•Stress and time management skills
•Small project management skills and strong attention to detail
•Analytical, creative, practical problem-solving skills
•Customer service and interpersonal skills
•Work collaboratively and as part of a diverse team
•Completes duties as a self-starter with minimum supervision


· Work in the warehouse from Monday–Friday, schedule to be determined.

· Other duties asassigned.

Compensation: $15 per hour, full time, hourly with 35-45 hours per week expected. Participation in all company benefit plans.

Job Type: Full-time

•Janitor: 1 year (Required)
•Light maintenance: 1 year (Required)

•Driver's license (Preferred)

Work Location:
•One location

•Health insurance
•Dental insurance
•Vision insurance
•Retirement plan
•Paid time off


Pay Frequency:

•Monday through Friday
•Day shift
•8-hour shift
•10-hour shift


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