Take the Necessary Steps to Recover from a Major Customer Loss.

  Losing a key client can be devastating for any business.  This devastation is not limited to just financial loss or tarnished company brand.  There is the declining employee morale associated with the loss as well. No business has a perfect record when it comes to retention.  Even your best customers will eventually move on at some point, and not necessarily because of your lack of performance on your end.  When you come to terms with this reality, you'll be prepared for when it happens.  I've personally worked with entrepreneurs who have experienced loss at all levels. But the one thing that stings these solitary geniuses the most is losing one of their biggest clients.   Take the necessary steps to recover from a major customer loss so you're positioned to recover quickly: Be flexible with your staffing.  Creating the right types of efficiencies will ensure that your company isn't overstaffed, even on your biggest accounts.  Even if employees are dedicated to certain accounts, make sure that you have a plan for migrating your people to other areas of the company should you lose that client.  Laying people off and then hiring more resources again creates a highly volatile environment.  Read More

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Lessons Learned in 3pl

Following one of Spartan Logistics' greatest disappointments, Steve Harmon, President of Spartan chose to dissect the experience rather than forget it. From one of Spartan's greatest accomplishments to one of the most disappointing, the journey of running a warehouse and distribution 3PL service is tumultuous. Let us take a look at both ends of the spectrum. Steve's white paper, Requiem of a Contract is below for download.  Read More

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The Spartan Story: A Warehouse Company Grows

Customer Service is one of Spartan Logistics' four pillars. It is also the heart of our company story. When it comes to such dry topics as: leasing warehouse space, dry good storage, or inventory control systems; customer service may not be the first thought in mind. At Spartan Logistics we have learned customer service, regardless of topic, should always be the first thought. It is through fulfilling our customer's 3pl needs that we will continue to grow.  Read More

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