The Generation Z Evolution and Why 3PL’s Should Be Ready


All Roads Lead to Toledo, Ohio

When Spartan Logistics began to build a presence in Northwest Ohio in 1990, we quickly realized the untapped potential for warehouse and fulfillment services for our customers. From a single location, we expanded to a footprint of over 1.4 million square feet of warehouse storage and distribution. Our approach to 3PL is highly personalized. No task is too large, no detail too small, no storage and handling project too complicated.  Spartan’s Northwest Ohio DCs and warehouses are often in proximity to major transport routes and terminals. For global manufacturers and suppliers looking to accelerate performance in today’s competitive marketplace, all roads lead to Toledo, Ohio. Although Toledo has a "rust belt" automotive reputation because of its manufacturing history, companies continue to move everything from raw materials to finished products to and from Toledo.  If you haven’t had the pleasure—a day spent in the warehouse district is a day well spent. There’s renovation and resurgence going on in Toledo’s Warehouse District—It’s growing in leaps and bounds with great entertainment, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. It’s the new urban playground of what was once known as “Glass City”.    Read More

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