Warehouse Space Calculator

If your business needs include warehouse space then your needs are our business. At Spartan Logistics we operate warehouse space to fit the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries. For public warehousing or contract needs, we have warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio for your business.

If you already know the specifications of the products you need, Spartan Logistics can help you find out how much space you will need. If you don’t know specifics call us and we can work through the process together. Our team of warehouse management experts can find out exactly what kind of warehouse space you will need, no matter what the product.

Below you will find our warehousing space calculator. By simply filling out the fields with the appropriate information, you can find out how exactly how much warehouse space you need for your products. You can even find out how much warehouse space you will need for future products – even if you haven’t started your business yet.


My product can be stacked how many pallets high?
My pallets are what size? Length:
(A Standard pallet isĀ 42 x 48) Width:
What is most number of pallets I will need to store?