Traditionally, businesses have invested in expensive distribution centers in dense populated areas. Spartan Logistics helps to lower costs and overhead by offering turnkey 3PL services within our own warehouse and distribution centers.  We can perform many functions for our customers at a lower cost than they could if they were to use their own facilities and employees to perform the same tasks.  Our locations are within one day's delivery to 2/3 of the population.

Our turnkey 3PL services include:

3PL Public Warehousing 

If your company is required to rent warehouse space, or add short-term storage, Spartan provides control over your excess inventory and delivery to local customers in case of a temporary need. Public warehousing also provides scalability to your supply chain by adding specialization, flexibility, lower costs and a host of other benefits. 

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 3PL Contract Warehouse Space

Contract warehousing provides dedicated, long-term outsourced logistics for companies that need a complete supply chain solution.  Benefits of this include long-term price predictability, inventory control and the addition of storage space without a large initial investment.

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 Cross Docking

With cross docking, manufacturers and retailers can speed up delivery of products to their customers, increase inventory output, and reduce costs.  Inbound shipments are received at our docks, unloaded, and sorted for final delivery the same day or overnight without storage costs. Spartan's cross-docking turns logistics into a competitive edge for customers nation-wide.

Cross docking is especially helpful when products need to be sorted into smaller distribution areas, or combined from manufacturing locations to one distribution center or market.

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 3PL Warehouse Fulfillment Services 

Our services for both public and contract warehousing customers include a vast array of value-added services including, but not limited to:

  • Packaging/Co-packaging
  • Labeling
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Bundling
  • Inventory Consolidation
  • Management of closed-loop, re-usable packing systems and a whole host of other services

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 Proven Experience at an Incredible Value

Spartan Logistics’ officers have a century’s worth of combined experience in the trucking and warehousing industries. Our on-site supervisors each possess no less than five years of experience in the industry, which gives them the practical knowledge needed to excel at providing top-notch service to all of our clients.

On top of having an experienced staff of dedicated professionals, we also have custom-designed 3PL software that was designed specifically for the warehousing industry. Over the years, our software has solved numerous problems that our customers have faced in their inventory and supply chain control.

To learn more about all of our Warehouse Services, contact our sales team today.