Toledo, Ohio

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Available Warehouse Space in Toledo

Spartan Logistics operates multiple warehouse sites in the Toledo, Ohio area.  Within a 300-mile (500 km.) radius of the city of Toledo, you can reach more industrial space than from any other location in North America. More than 4 billion square feet (375 million square meters) or over 30% of the U.S. market and 50% of the Canadian market, of industrial space is accessible. With this type of access, your products can be shipped to U.S. and Canadian cities, ensuring your distributors are never short on products.

Spartan Logistics has 800,000 square feet of warehouse space in our Toledo locations. Our space is managed by our team of warehouse services professionals and a world class warehouse management system (WMS) that focuses on customer third party logistics and transportation services. In addition to providing unparalleled warehouse space in Toledo, Spartan offers several value added services to meet its customers 3PL and transportation needs. These services include:

  • Warehouse management and online Inventory control systems
  • Manufacturing Distribution and Fulfillment
  • Customs brokerage for Import Export customers

Toledo Warehouse Space

Spartan Logistics warehouse locations (including Toledo) are within 500 miles (one day truck delivery time) to 2/3 of the population of the United States and Canada, 60% of the manufacturing companies of the US and Canada. Our strategic locations in Toledo is within 1 delivery day from New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Toronto and most other major Midwestern, Eastern cities and Canadian cities.

But given the vast amount of industrial space available in the Toledo and Oregon areas, it is our service and commitment to excellence that sets Spartan Logistics apart.  We have been operating in this area for years, we know Toledo logistics.  The reach that Toledo offers, coupled with our quality, personal service makes Toledo a great place to warehouse your products.

Are you looking for warehouse space or Toledo logistics support? You can contact us directly and one of our sales associates can work with you or you can use our warehouse space calculator to get an estimate of how much space you’ll need. After you have your estimated space requirements, you can request a free quote to match your needs. You can always pick up the phone the old fashioned way, and call us directly at 614-497-1777.


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