Are you are in need of a warehousing solution where you can store your products, require specialized fulfillment and inventory requirements while minimizing your spending? Spartan's shared warehousing can provide a cost-effective option.

A shared warehouse is one that a third party manages in order to service your company and likely many others.

Shared Warehousing ImageWith dedicated warehousing, you either own or rent the location, but in either scenario, you are on your own to operate the facility and cover the costs of the building and operations at all times. Shared warehousing benefits definitely exceed disadvantages.   For example:

  • Cost - When you share a warehouse space, you are sharing the cost of the warehouse with all the clients. You only need to pay for the space that you occupy.
  • The immediate flexibility to manage peak demand
  • Access to state-of-the-art warehouse and inventory management systems through the 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) WMS
  • Resources like 24/7 security, cameras, WMS infrastructure, building maintenance and more

  • Industry knowledge - A third-party logistics with shared warehousing has employees that are exposed to different products. They have knowledge and experience with niche industries.

The bottom line is... having a tactical and a more strategic relationship with your 3PL (third party logistics) is only going to prove more cost effective for you.